Fully Accredited and Certificated NAKMAS Black Belts
NAKMAS is Britain's only independent National Governing Body for traditional and modern martial arts
Formed on the 02 January 1992, the NAKMAS National Governing Body is the largest bona fide National Governing Body within the United Kingdom which governs, controls and regulates both traditional and modern martial arts practised within England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Branches also exist within the USA.

NAKMAS holds the prestigious (UK and USA government recognised) National and International Quality Kitemark Awards (BS EN ISO 9000:2015) via the British Standards Institution (United Kingdom and United States of America Awards) and is the only UK martial arts body to receive this prestigious accreditation. Additionally, NAKMAS is also accredited to the Equality Standard: A Framework for Sport, recognised by all four Country Sports Councils, including UK Sport.

NAKMAS is controlled nationally by the NAKMAS National Management Committee, whereby very senior and respected members of NAKMAS sit as Committee Officers representing their art or discipline.

The day to day running of NAKMAS is conducted by two offices. The head office is based in Herne Bay, Kent where it houses the NAKMAS Chair, the NAKMAS Director of Operations, the NAKMAS Lead Welfare Officer and admin staff. The sub office is based in Buckinghamshire, close to the NAKMAS Deputy Chair and is run by admin and reception staff. Both offices are linked via modern and updated telephone switchboards and via the internet. Office hours are from 9am until 4pm Monday to Thursday and from 9am until 3pm on Fridays.

Very often, NAKMAS is called upon, from time to time, to check the technical qualifications (grades) of NAKMAS registered black belts. These requests are generally made from local authorities, government departments, sports/leisure centres, libraries and members of the public.

The NAKMAS National Register of Qualified Black Belts was created to make the process quick and effective. The National Register is constantly updated and is available to download from this website.

Not every black belt within NAKMAS appears on the register, because NAKMAS transfers their grades to NAKMAS from other outside bodies. Those appearing on the National Register are those that NAKMAS legally certify as a bona-fide legal NAKMAS grade, for which full criteria has been met.

(See the page marked Criteria to view the black belt criteria).

NAKMAS National Governing Body
PO Box 630, Ashford, Kent, TN23 9AQ
Telephone: 01227 370055 (Monday to Friday 10am until 2pm)
Text/SMS: 07908683134 (24/7)